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The time has finally come. After nearly two years of fun and hard work, we have designed and produced a ready-to-sell Garrard 301 update. We got turned on immediately!!
The Garrard 301 has been technically improved on many points, while still retaining its classic look & feel.
Most importantly: without losing drive, power and dynamics… the sound character that makes the 301 so popular!
We carry out this update on your own Garrrard 301, provided it has the original serial number, engine and mechanism.

“drive, power and dynamics… the sound character that makes the 301 so popular! “


The deck

What does the updated player offer?
The deck – as we call the base – is CNC machined from aluminum and finished in high-gloss black. There is room for an arm board and a stroboscope.
The design is more rigid, so vibrations and frequencies are better absorbed.
There is a conical mount for the bearing. This mounting method is seamless and ensures high torsional stiffness and perfect positioning of the turntable. This makes the whole much more resistant to axial and radial loads.

Specific deck info

Spindr’s MAD  

Massive Aluminium Deck

The Spindr plinth is really unique!

Made of cast iron or aluminium and available in many different colors, anodized or nickel plated

Spindr MotorMount 

We did something unique with the motor mount: it can be disconnected from the deck and mounted on the baseplate below, to fully detach the motor from the deck.
To divert unwanted vibrations away from the needle and element, the support is heavier than the aluminum original: cast iron, finished with a nickel coating.

The bearing

The bearing of course is the spinning center of the record player …
The bearing structure is based on the classic Garrard 301 design with bearing housing, bushings and spindle.
We produced the characteristic conical shape of our bearing housing in nickel-plated cast iron. This material is extremely suitable because of its mass and vibration-absorbing properties.
Hidden deep in the bearing is a vibration absorber, our player’s best kept secret up till now.
The spindle has a coating that provides extremely little friction. As a result, there is less vibration, a constant running speed and therefore less wear on bearings and motor.
A very hard, scratch-resistant layer has been applied under the coating on the contact surface with the bushings, which guarantees a long service life.
The tight tolerance that we use between bearing and spindle requires a special oil. We found an extremely finely filtered oil, which is perfect!




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